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Take advantage of your time at the hotel to meet all sorts of amazing people!

Get a little more out of your trip by sharing a special moment with other travellers or locals: some easygoing fun, like a game of tennis or a day trip, or something more intimate. HotelTaboo, the world's leading website for hotel dating is present in more than 200 000 hotels. Finally an end to those lonely nights at the hotel!

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    HotelTaboo attaches the utmost importance to protecting its members' private lives.
    HotelTaboo undertakes to never share your private contact details with visitors or other members. Your personal data is strictly confidential and cannot in any case be communicated or sold to a third party.

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    Putting people into contact assumes that a subscription has been purchased. The price of a subscription is extremely competitive compared with other products and entertainment services available at hotels (pay-per-view, ...).

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    Members are invited to notify us of any problem concerning a member by using the form in the Moderation / Contact section, "Report a member".

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    It just takes a few clicks to sign up. Then it only takes a few seconds more to confirm your subscription once you have paid.

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    Members are informed by email as soon as a person who corresponds to your criteria responds to your invitation or wants to invite you. The name HotelTaboo does not appear on your bank statement.

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    In no case can HotelTaboo be used for professional or commercial purposes (prospecting, soliciting or prostitution).

How does it work?

Choose a partner who corresponds to your search criteria and suggest a meeting. Or make yourself available and get selected by other members.
On HotelTaboo, registration and search options are free. You need to sign up as a member if you wish to contact another member. Members can pay for a subscription by credit card or paypal.

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As of September 2012, download the HotelTaboo app for iPhone, iPad and Android for free.
Increase response time to get the most out of your stay at the hotel.

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Patrick - airline pilot Fed up with a boring time at the hotel, your service is a great idea, thanks!