Popular hotels in Miami Beach (FL), United States

Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort
   Good 6.7 based on 234 reviews
FBH Fashion Boutique Hotel
   Very good 7.3 based on 184 reviews
Catalina Hotel and Beach Club
Very good 7.2 based on 151 reviews
Deauville Beach Resort
Good 6.3 based on 145 reviews
Design Suites Miami Beach
Good 6.2 based on 115 reviews
Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Excellent 8.0 based on 114 reviews
Miami Beach Resort & Spa
Good 6.7 based on 114 reviews
Ocean Spray Hotel
   Very good 7.5 based on 112 reviews
Riviera South Beach Hotel
   Excellent 8.0 based on 110 reviews
Hotel Shelley
Very good 7.2 based on 103 reviews
Washington Park Hotel South Beach
   Very good 7.6 based on 102 reviews
The National Hotel, Ocean Front Resort
   Excellent 8.3 based on 96 reviews
Chesterfield Hotel and Suites
   Very good 7.0 based on 84 reviews
Grand Beach Hotel Miami Beach
   Very good 7.8 based on 83 reviews
Grand Beach Hotel Surfside
Very good 7.9 based on 79 reviews
Best Western Atlantic Beach Resort
   Very good 7.0 based on 79 reviews
Lincoln Arms Suites
   Excellent 8.2 based on 78 reviews
The Palms Hotel & Spa
   Excellent 8.5 based on 72 reviews